We offer trucking services for your tanks or flexitanks for loading ,unloading and cleaning. Own trucks are located at terminals in Czech and Slovakia, as well as Terminal Leipzig/Schkopau.

Our fleet consists of various 20′-30′ Tankcontainer-Chassis. All chassis are certified accord. to ADR. We also offer the possibility to rent a chassis for a certain time to e.g. store your container, or have it loaded at the customers’ site for a longer time.

All drivers are trained for international traffic and handling of dangerous, liquid goods. (BBS Guidelines)

Specification of our tucks with chassis:

  • 2 or 3 axle tractors with ADR
  • 3 axle Chassis with ADR and spill containers
  • 2 chemical hoses with ca. 5m
  • Tractor with compressor (only for products with a flashpoint lower than 60°)
  • Chassis suitable for 20′-30′ Tcs
  • Trucks are euqipped with all neccessary equipment for discharging and loading of TCs.